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What are Senior Apartments?Searching for the right senior housing option can be confusing. "Senior apartments" are one option that might fit your lifestyle. There are a few nuanced details that separate various senior living arrangements. 55 or older communities offer a spectrum of services and lifestyle amenities that appeal to seniors looking at housing options. Across the range of age restricted housing options you'll find communities designed to accommodate the changing needs and lifestyle preferences of adults as they age.

There are two broad groups of senior housing, lifestyle and healthcare, which can be categorized by the services each housing option provides.

Senior Lifestyle Housing Options

Senior lifestyle housing options (like 900 Acqua Apartments) provide age restricted (either 55+ or 62+) housing amenities that cater to those who desire a maintenance free home, in a relaxed community. Lifestyle housing for seniors can be leased, rented or owned. Often lifestyle senior housing is in condo or apartment buildings. Residential units have full kitchens, living areas and private bedrooms.

In multi-level buildings, typical senior lifestyle apartments will have elevators (instead of stairs), wider hallways, social amenity rooms, and a few other on-site recreational amenities specifically for residents to spend more time with-in the community.

Bridging the gap between housing options without amenities for seniors (conventional apartments) and traditional "independent living" housing, are hybrid/transitional lifestyle apartment homes. These communities do not provide meals or health care, but do provide amenities and services that are lifestyle oriented; combining the convenience of apartment living and the benefits of a community designated for those 62 or older.

Senior Lifestyle Housing Terms

"55+" is often a label associated with lifestyle senior housing that is age restricted to residents that are older than 55 years of age. It can be used with traditional single-family homes, condos, or multi-family housing apartments.

"62+" is like 55+, but more restrictive, with residents needing to be 62 or older.

The "Active Lifestyle" and "Active Living" terms are often used to describe senior lifestyle housing that appeals to younger seniors, maybe those who don't identify as "seniors", yet they meet the minimum age requirements.

"Senior Apartments" are a purpose-built multifamily rental communities, but are not designed to provide meals or health care.

Traditional Senior Housing Options

Other senior housing options are the more traditional independent living communities. These communities or facilities are also considered "lifestyle," but are in a separate category of housing primarily because they are considered a traditional senior housing option and because they provide meals as part of their services. Independent living communities provide a full range of lifestyle support as well as meals, but do not provide health care related services.

Assisted living begins when a facility offers basic health care services. As adults age they require more assistance, and housing options are available to meet their daily living needs. Memory care facilities are for those seniors with memory issues that require special accommodation, and skilled nursing care facilities are for those that need long-term daily assistance.

The terminology for various levels of amenities, services, and care can be confusing, partly because they are often used inconsistently or interchangeably. Some communities provide a blend of services, and they may mix options that could be used to differentiate them from other communities.

Senior Housing Option Spectrum

The table below shows the spectrum of care that is provided in senior housing options. Senior apartment housing bridges the gap between conventional apartments and independent living arrangements.

Orientation Lifestyle Health Care
Services Shelter Senior Focused
Meals Basic
Multifamily Conventional Apts.            
Hybrid/Bridge Senior Apartments          
Senior Housing
Independent Living      
Assisted Living    
Memory Care  
Skilled Nursing Care

Choosing the senior living option that fit your lifestyle is an important decision. Having the right information and knowing your options is the first step to finding the best housing arrangement.

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